Directions (1 to 5) : These questions are based on the information given below.
 Each of the nine students A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I belongs to a class among VIII, IX and X. Each of them is among the top three rankers of the class. No two students in a class got the same rank. In each class there is at least one male and one female.
(i) A, G and H got the same rank.
(ii) F belongs to the same class as I. B does not belong to the same class as H, who is a female.
(iii) Among the students who got the same rank there is at least one male and one female.
(iv) E belongs to class X and has a lesser rank than other students in his class.
(v) A is the only male in class IX. Only in class IX there is exactly one male.
(vi) B and C got the first ranks and both of them are males.
(vii) D got the 3rd rank and she belongs to class VIII.

1. The rank of G is __________?
1 : three
2 : Two
3 : one
4 : Either one or two
5 : Either one or three

2.Which of the following got First rank in class IX?
1 : I
2 : Cannot be determined
3 : C
4 : F
5 : A

3.Total females among these 9 tudents?
1 : Five
2 : one
3 : Four
4 : Two
5 : Cannot be determined

4.Which of the following is not true about C?
1 : C’s rank is same as that of G.
2 : Rank of C is 1.
3 : C belongs to class X.
4 : C is a male.
5 : None of these

5.Who among the following is not a female?
1 : D
2 : H
3 : F
4 : C
5 : I
Directions (Q6 – Q7): Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.
Each of the four friends – Amit, Binod, Chander and Dinesh – participated in an intra-school swimming competition and secured the top four positions in the final round. Each of them was from a different section among A, B, C and D of a class, not necessarily in that order.
It is also known that:
(i) The friend who was from section C secured the 1st position.
(ii) Binod secured better position than that of Amit and the person who was from section B.
(iii) Neither Amit nor the one who was from section D secured the 4th position.
(iv) Binod was not from section C.

6.Who was from section D?
1. Amit
2. Binod
3. Dinesh
4. Chander
5. Cannot be determined

7. Which of the following is the correct combination of ‘Friend – Section’?
1. Binod – A
2. Chander – D
3. Amit – A
4. Dinesh – D
5. Binod – B

6. 2
7. 3