Direction for Q. (1- 3) 
Seven girls Anita, Babita, Charita, Kavita, Ruchita, Sarita and Sunita sitting in a row facing North, not necessarily in the same order.
(i) Sarita sits to the left of Babita. 
(ii) Kavita and Sunita are not adjacent to each other. 
(iii) Babita sits adjacent to Kavita and Charita. 
(iv) Sunita sits at an end. 
(v) Anita sits second to the left of Ruchita and is at an end.

1. Four of the following five pairs are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the pair that does not belong to that group?
A) Anita, Kavita 
B) Babita, Anita 
C) Kavita, Sunita 
D) Ruchita, Charita
E) Kavita , Anita 

2. Who sits second to the right of Kavita?
A) Anita 
B) Ruchita 
C) Babita 
D)  Charita
E) None of these

3. Who is/are the neighbour/s of Sunita?
A) Babita 
B) Charita 
C) Anita 
D) Ruchita
E) None of these
Direction for Q.(4-8)
(1) There are seven persons A, B, C, D, E, F and G based in Delhi. Each of them is from a different state, has a different profession, and plays a different instrument.
(2) C, a doctor, is from Bihar.
(3) E and F play mandolin and violin, though not necessarily in that order.
(4) A is not from Kerala.
(5) The person from Kerala is an engineer and plays guitar.
(6) The lawyer plays sitar.
(7) The businessman from UP plays violin.
(8) The teacher and the cricketer play flute and piano, though not necessarily in that order.
(9) F is a pilot.
(10) The Maharashtrian is a teacher.
(11) The Gujarati plays piano.
(12) G, a Punjabi, does not play sarod.
(13) B is a cricketer.

4. Which state does A belong to?
A) Gujarat
B) Kerala
C) Maharashtra 
D) Can’t say
E) None of these

5. Which instrument does B play?
A) flute 
B) piano
C) sarod
D) Can’t say
E) sitar

6. Which instrument does C play?
A) mandolin
B) sitar
C) violin
D) None of these
E) sarod

7. What is D’s profession?
A) Engineer
B) Lawyer
C) Teacher
D) Can’t say
E) Cricketer

8. Which state does E belong to?
A) Gujarat
B) Kerala
D) Can’t say
E) none of these


1. B
2. D
3.  B
4.  c
5.  b
6.  e
7.  a
8.  c