Quiz - MCQ

1. Which country’s prime minister was conferred with Saudi Arabia’s highest civilian honour?
a) India
b) Pakistan
c) USA
d) Nepal
Answer a) India. 
2. Which bank starts India’s first Aadhaar-based ATM?
a) State Bank of India
b) UCO Bank
c) Syndicate Banking
d) DCB Bank
Answer d) DCB Bank. 
3. According to UN Report India ranked _____ in top 10 largest manufacturers list.
a) 4
b) 6
c) 8
d) 9
Answer b) 6. 
4. Government to halve ________ Couples’ separation time.
a) Muslim
b) Christian
c) Hindu
d) Jew
Answer b) Christian. 
5. Which two colleges have topped the list of top educational institutes unveiled by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development?
a)  IIT Madras and IIT Bnagalore
b) IIT Madras and IIT Kanpur
c) IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bnagalore
d) IIT Kanpur and IIT Bangalore
Answer a)  IIT Madras and IIT Bnagalore. 
6. Who has been sworn in  Jammu and Kashmir’s First Woman CM?
a) Sheela Dixit
b) Mehbooba Mufti
c) Sharfarosh Fatima
d) Raham Khan
Answer b) Mehbooba Mufti. 
7. Which country passes  asylum law needed for EU-Turkey migrants deal?
a) USA
b) Greece
c) Italy
d) Austria
Answer b) Greece. 
8. _______ makes first investment in India in Hungama.
a) Xiaomi
b) LLyod
c) Intex
d) Micro Max
Answer a) Xiaomi. 
9. World’s largest oil firm to invest in India. Name it.
a) Aramoil
b) Armol
c) Armioll
d) Aramco
Answer d) Aramco. 
10. India’s first cash giving app launched. Name it.
b) CASHe
c) Paisa
d) Paisae
Answer b) CASHe. Tslc Pte Ltd.
11. Which reusable rocket makes third successful vertical landing?
a) Blue Origin
b) Originblue
c) BluOrg
d) None of the above
Answer a) Blue Origin. 
12. ______sets Guinness World Record for mass plantation.
a) Armaco
c) Vedanta
d) None of the above
Answer c) Vedanta. 
13. Who won Paris Marathon?
a) Cyprian Kotut
b) Cyprian Kotut and Visiline Jepkesho
c) Visiline Jepkesho
d) None of the above
Answer b) Cyprian Kotut and Visiline Jepkesho. 
14. Who won the Bahrain Grand Prix?
a) Fernando Alonso
b) Sebasttian Vettle
c) Nico Rosberg
d) Lewis Hamilton
Answer c) Nico Rosberg. 
15. Who won 2016 Miami Open Title?
a) Novak Djokovic
b) Rafael Nadal
c) Roger Federer
d) Andy Murray
Answer a) Novak Djokovic. 
16. Which team won ICC  Men's T-20 Cricket World Cup?
a) West Indies
b) India
c) England
d) New Zealand
Answer a) West Indies. 
17. Larry Drake died from rare cancer was a/an _____.
a) Actor
b) Singer
c) Tennis Player
d) Writer
Answer a) Actor. 
18. Cesare Maldini passed away was a/an _______.
a) Actor
b) Coach
c) Tennis Player
d) Writer
Answer b) Coach. 
19.Which of the following teams won the ICC Women’s World T-20 2016 title?
1) England 
2) Australia
3) West Indies 
4) India
5) South Africa 
Answer:- 3) West Indies
20.PM Narendra Modi visited TCS’ all-women IT centre in which of the following cities abroad recently?
1) Dubai 
2) Manama
3) Kuwait City 
4) Riyadh
5) Tehran 
Answer:- 4) Riyadh